In Memory of Jefferson

A Coonscross Jefferson came to us
Just a little ball of reddish fluff.
Great aspirations for a big Maine Coon
Never did we anticipate
Such a big cat would loom.

He ruled the roost
Not with might or fight.
Just a look, a roar or a big fat purr.

Many a kitten met the gentle giant
One look at his size
Sent them aflying.

He loved his Dad
Even with comb in hand;
But Mom was his love
Jefferson could always command.

J loved the outdoors
Catnip beds where he drooled.
Burrs didn’t matter
Birds and sunshine were adored.

Then life struck a mighty blow,
That put him down low.
He rallied back twice
But the last was a blow.

He charmed his doctors
We thought he would beat the odds.
But the Rainbow Bridge
Beckoned him to the arms of God.

To our sweet cuddly boy
We will always remember
A mighty giant
With a heart that beats on forever.

– Poem by Auntie Di

We will always cherish Jefferson in our hearts as he was a giant of a cat, but he had the sweetest disposition and will be missed by all who met him – Esther and Rod