In Memory of Duke (MEOW name Zadzu)

The first night Duke came home he cried under the bed the whole night. The only time he would stop was if the light was on. This is how we came to realize he was afraid of the dark! After that we purchased a night light for him and life was good. Duke was an amazing boy who loved to play fetch, travel to BC in mom’s car, drag pieces of paper all over the house, and most of all he loved his stuffed bunny. Duke and bunny were buddies right until the end.

We will always remember Duke for his loving quality. In the short time we had him, we fell hard for this little boy. We had you for such a short time, but if we knew the future, we would still have picked you.

We love you Little Foot, you are forever in our heart. Rest peacefully.
Love Mum and Dad (Ashley & Derek)