In Memory of Captain Sam: 1996 – 2012

It is with great sorrow we advise that Captain Sam departed today for the Rainbow Bridge. Sam was an absolutely wonderful cat. In spite of the reservations that some people had when we took him home he instantly became OUR cat. He loved everybody, especially our granddaughter. Sam would actually run to her whenever she came over and he more than endured all the carrying around, dressing up, etc… that a young girl can do to a cat. He was an absolute lap pig. As soon as I sat down Sam was on my lap, kneading me

and purring as loud as he could. If one of the other cats was feeling unwell, Sam was always there to groom him/her and would cuddle up beside as to comfort.

Sam with family

Sam went through a rough period last Dec. We discovered that he had some bad teeth and some oral surgery got him back to 100%. But this time it was kidney failure that we could not overcome and hence the passing today.

Sam will always be in our hearts as ONE OF THE BEST CATS EVER!

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