In Memory of Binks

“How many cold and lonely midnights have been warmed by the simple presence of this small being, whose affection pervades our solitude?” – Carl Van Vechten

A character and half with never a dull moment and the house will be empty without you.

We remember you hanging upside down on the scratching post, your favorite sleeping spot in the linen closet, your love of unusual sleeping positions and the way you would curl up in a tight ball on the small of my back in the night, your love of crawling into empty boxes or purses of guests and how you would greet me at the door everyday when I came home from work, you laying across the keyboard as we try to type and next to us or behind us with your paw always touching us, your peacekeeping ways with your siblings and absolute curiosity and love of life, your love of food especially French fries and shrimp, Auntie Barb will surely miss not having you sharing her dinner with her and Uncle Rod misses his little smoking buddy.

You were well loved, will be severely missed and will always hold a place in our hearts.

Mom, Uncle Rod, Auntie Barb, Monster, Patch, Sundance and Sylvan