Hope, Love and Persistence Always Prevails

Just a friendly remember to never give up on your rescues, even when it seems like it will never get better! It’s taken me a year and a half to have this kind of relationship and trust between my beautiful rescue shelter cat Delorian! He was a stray for 6.5 years and then spent a year in the shelter but nobody wanted him. He was almost totally hairless and the little bit of hair that he did have was coarse and wiry from frostbite. Aside from his looks, he wasn’t even a nice cat apparently. He was supposed to go to a home with no other pets and was deemed “unsafe” for other pets and children, as well as inexperienced owners.

There was just something about him, we clicked, we were both asking one another with our eyes “can you save me…?” Keep in mind I had lost Sassy, my big orange fluffy cat I’d had since 3 years old, to cancer only a couple of months before meeting Delorian – when I was NOT in the market for a new kitty nor the head-space or heart space!!

Delorian hid in my walls for six months. By that I mean he ripped the vent covers off the walls and took off into the vents. He sent me to the hospital emergency room once after attacking my face. He was unimaginably strong for the first while, and rock hard muscle to the touch! No screws or even furniture could hold him back! He was moving dressers all by himself – ones that I can’t move!!!

Delorian2But we were destined for each other from the start, he never gave up on me and I never gave up on him and these days were darn good friends!! We make quite the happy mommy and baby ??? No matter how much I maul him and squish him, he just grunts at me these days! A year ago if I tried to touch his back side or pick him up he would attack me. He’s come so far and is making enormous improvements DAILY!!! He even snuggles in bed, he’s happy now, and has been becoming happier and happier every day for about 10 months, since he sent me to the hospital and I still loved him afterwards. That was when he realized I was in it for the long haul!

Delorian lives with other cats, and even lines up with them at meal times occasionally, but he’s ALWAYS first one in on a cuddle puddle or group bath!!! I worked SO HARD with him, and he worked SO HARD with me so that we could get here, I can’t wait to see where we are in a few more years! I think Sassy would approve of my new sidekick!  he’s also obviously got lots of thick and soft fur and has gone from thin and rock hard to fat and squishy. I love you Delorian, thanks for sticking with me and letting me in!