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MEOW Foundation is a cat-focused registered charity and humane society with a no-kill mandate. Since 2000, we've been rescuing and facilitating the adoption of stray and abandoned cats into new, loving permanent homes.

We work hard to ensure that each MEOW cat is matched with the best possible home based on his or her personality, history, habits and individual needs.

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A cat has their teeth examined by a veterinarian.

Why is Dental Health Important for Cats: An Owners Guide

Cats are not just pets, they are beloved members of our families. As a cat owner, you’re probably already diligent in ensuring that your feline friends receive proper nutrition, regular veterinary check-ups, and affectionate care.

2023 Calgary Marathon


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Join MEOW on Sunday, May 28 for the Calgary Marathon. Help MEOW reach our fundraising goal by signing up too run or walk for Team Zoomies!

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How We Help Calgary's Cats

Supported by public donations, grants and fundraising, we help about 2500 cats and kittens each year.

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