He’s My Ray of Sunshine

It will have been one full year with Nova (formerly Morpheus) on April 20 this year. He’s been an absolute delight to have and such an energetic character I can barely keep up with him!

He’s always in the mood for cuddles or playtime, and his favourite place is under the covers with me when I’m going to bed. 

To say that Nova has been wonderful is definitely an understatement, as he has been such a ray of sunshine since the first day I met him. 

The first couple months were certainly a bit harsh on us all, as he kept pestering his sister Jasmine (who is the other, slightly older, cat I have). But he’s taken enjoyment in cardboard scratches, a toy called Cat’s MEOW, and chasing little balls all over the house! 

Nova’s birthday/adoption day will definitely be celebrated with lots of treats and some of his favourite wet food. I cannot thank everyone at MEOW enough for bringing Nova into my life. He’s been such a wonderful addition I’m even looking into making him an official Emotional Support Animal.

Here’s to another year from me, Jasmine and Nova!