He Fits in Purrfectly

Writing in to give an update on our new little family member. We have decided to change Brannens name to Wilson (Brannen is just too close to Brendan, my husband).

When we got home with Wilson we attempted to contain him to one room but he wasn’t having any of it. He made a break for it when we were going in to give him some food. Not like running away break for it, more of a “I’m curious about my new home let me free” break for it. He roamed around and smelled everything. Never seeming scared or shy. He cuddled with us right away and attempted to give our other cat a few kisses which she wasn’t fond of at first. It was really like he was meant to be at home with us. The last few days he has been snoozing and making himself comfortable. He loves his late night cuddles with Brendan on the couch. He also likes to nibble your ear when he needs some attention. It’s super cute!

So far he’s fitting in perfectly, like he was just meant to be apart of our family. He is incredibly cuddly and patient and getting the hang of life in a house with a crazy toddler. Him and Kitten were bonding over their shared curiosity of the squirrels outside on the deck yesterday, watching and chattering from behind the big windows in our living room. It’s taking kitten a bit to get used to having him in the house but I can tell he is growing on her.

Wilson has been a great addition so far. He does need to work on a few things like scratching furniture and jumping on counters but that will come in time! He is eating and drinking just fine and took him no time to figure out where he litter box was and to start using it.