Happy with His Forever Family

Just over a year ago we adopted Rupert Bear. He was a 3-and-a-half-year-old level 1 shy cat who had spent most of his life at the Adoption Centre. When we brought him home we thought he would be the perfect companion for our cat Gracie. We have since learned this was a horrible assumption. Gracie did not take to Rupert. However, Rupert loves Gracie. I’m not joking, he loves her very much. He spends his days following her around and is interested in everything she does. This was beneficial because Gracie loves humans, and I think she helped Rupert slowly realize that humans are not terrifying.

rupert and gracieUnfortunately Rupert continues to be fearful of most things involving movement or people. But he has taken a shine to us. He wants to not be scared. On quiet nights he creeps over to the couch and continuously meows at us to pet him. He will lay on the back of the couch and just purr because he’s happy to be with his forever family. He has a goofy personality, is very vocal and when he thinks no one is watching he loves to chase toys and jump all over our things. Our lives would be very different without this feline and we hope he loves us as much as we love him. Thank you for Rupert Bear…

– Stephanie