Happy Family Full of Fun


We have had an interesting 5 months getting to know each other. They were shy and quiet at first now we are a happy family full of fun.

buttonsPrincess is as her name suggests; she wakes us in the morning, in the evening she meows to let us know it is treat time and at 10:30 pm she tells us it is bed time. Who needs a clock. She is still a bit shy and does not jump on our laps but enjoys play and grooming time.

Buttons has been a surprise. She is warm, friendly and very curious. She loves to play, nap on our laps and comes into bed early in the morning for hugs and rubs. She is a good house keeping supervisor as well.

princessOur thanks to their care givers for teaching them gently the meanings of up, down and no. They are both smart and easy to teach new things. They have learned ‘No Picky, Birdies and out’.

Thank you, Lyle & Cheryl C