Happy Birthday Ink and Spy

Today is my kitties 3rd birthday! If it weren’t for MEOW Foundation rescuing them who knows if they would have made it to three.

TazlynWe adopted Ink (Black) and Spy (Tortoiseshell) – MEOW names Kellen & Tazlyn in 2013, and our lives haven’t been the same since. They truly do make us laugh daily! They love to chase each other and chase around my hair elastics! Spy is a total sweetheart who follows us around the house when we’re home, loves towels and my pregnancy pillow! Ink loves his belly rubs, is quite a Chatty Cathy, and we call him our little goof even though he’s huge!

They still don’t really trust other people and my family jokes that I don’t have cats cause they never see them when they come over. Thank you meow for rescuing these two!


Andrea H.