Give an Older Cat a Chance

I can only start to express how wonderful the experience working with you to adopt our big little kitty was. Becker is a perfect fit for our family and has really opened up to us, it’s like he’s a kitten again. Having that initial trial month was really important to us since we had a puppy in the house already. We had a bit of a rough start but we all adapted quickly and have become very attached to each other. Becker follows me around the house, helping me with the chores, is very talkative and loves to be loved. We cuddle, take naps together and play in the most ridiculous ways (Becker is a real tease and a little kooky).

Becker and Mardi NappingBecker and Mardi (our puppy) are typical brothers, they like to tease each other, chase each other and just hang out. It’s funny they like to copy each other sleeping together, running to the door when they hear the doorbell, chasing the same toys and steeling each others’ treats.

Initially we were looking to adopt a kitten but since Becker has joined our family we are so glad to have given an older cat a chance. He is everything we ever wanted and we hope that he is just as happy as we are to have him here … It sure seems like it!

Thank you soo much, Happy Holidays

Kirsten, Warren, Becker and Mardi