Sponsor a TNR Kennel

In 2020, MEOW Foundation spayed and neutered over 100 cats through our Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program. Cats in our TNR program are humanely trapped, sterilized, microchipped, and then returned to their neighbourhoods where trained community caregivers provide a stable source of food, water, and shelter.

TNR is a vital part of our programming; it effectively and humanely controls and reduces Calgary’s feral cat population while also providing these cats with the essentials necessary for survival outdoors.

Cats spayed and neutered through this program stay at MEOW Foundation for an average of two weeks and sometimes up to eight weeks if they need more extensive veterinary care. We are replacing the wire kennels in our TNR room with stainless steel kennels that will be easier to sanitize; improve safety for staff, volunteers, and cats; and allow bonded siblings or litters to be housed together in greater comfort.

But we need your help! These new kennels will cost $20,000 and we are seeking sponsors to help us make this investment.

What TNR Sponsors Get

  • Your name, your business’s name, or the name of a cat you wish to honour will appear on a plaque on the kennel.
  • You will receive exclusive annual updates on the cats we’ve assisted through the TNR program.


  • Individual kennel: $2,000. 10 4 available!
  • Block of four kennels: $7,500. 1 available!

Sponsorships are valid for a five year period.

Email EmmaAvery@meowfoundation.com for more information on sponsorship.

How Sponsoring a Kennel Helps

  • Make cleaning quick and easy: These new stainless steel kennels don't have any trap points for litter or dust, making them easier for staff and volunteers to clean and sanitize.
  • Improve safety for staff, volunteers, and cats: Our current kennels are quite deep, which means staff and volunteers must extend their whole body into the kennel to clean. The new kennels will be shallower, allowing us to clean, feed and administer medications quickly and safely.
  • Help bonded cats stay together in comfort: Kennels can be opened via a portal to create more space per cat to better align with best practices for longer term stays.