Gabriel and Pablo to the Rescue

We are celebrating the boys’ first birthday today so I thought it would be a great time to update you on how they’re doing!

Gabriel (formerly Little Lion) and Pablo (formerly Little Love) have made amazing progress since they came to live here in October. They’ve gone from hiding to basically taking over the house in a pretty short time! When my eleven year old cat Jinx (MEOW alum Matthew) passed away in July 2015 I was heartbroken. But his brother Lemon (MEOW alum Duckworth) was affected even more. I knew he needed a cat companion but it had to be a kitten, I wanted to ensure he wouldn’t feel threatened with a new adult cat coming in. And then these fine fellows showed up and brightened life up for us again! Lemon went from anxious, never leaving my side and even getting physically ill from grief to happy, energized and even playing with toys again at nearly 12 years old.

IMG_2058The three boys get along like brothers. I didn’t know what to expect adopting shy kittens but Gabriel & Pablo are just the sweetest, most gentle little boys, curious, playful, and highly entertaining. I just can’t imagine life without them! Very thankful to MEOW Foundation for saving these dear cats and also to their foster mom who took such good care of them until I adopted them. Love these guys!