Oliver and Sebastian

Fuzzy Mice and Kids

It’s me, Sebastian! I came to MEOW in March with my brother Oliver. (Our MEOW names were Wixie and Campookie). Oliver and I were lucky enough to be adopted in June when we were old enough to be taken away from our foster mom.

We now live in a great house where we have lots of room to run and play! I enjoy chasing fuzzy mice and Oliver loves to play fetch with a crinkly ball. We both LOVE when our Mom plays with us using the little red light. We never seem to be able to catch it!!

I am still a little shy, especially with the “little people” my Mom calls “kids”. I prefer to hide behind the fridge if I’m scared, but Oliver loves attention so he’s right in the middle of it! I love to cuddle with Mom on the couch, especially when she’s reading a book.

We are very happy in our new home, and we love our new Mom. She says she loves us too … she’s always trying to kiss us!! Sometimes I let her…but only if I want it too!!

Thanks MEOW for giving us a second chance and a new home!!

Love Oliver and Sebastian!
And Mom Kara too!