Foxi is Thriving in her New Home

Foxi2Since it was “blackcatday” this week, I am was reminded of updating you on how great and positive Foxi’s rehabilitation has come.

I’ve had her now just over ten months, and she is unrecognizable from that timid, shy, scared cat she was classified as. Now, Foxi is relaxed and comfortable in large, open areas and around me moving about the house. She is VERY active, vocal and playful, and gets lots of exercise when we play with her numerous toys – she loves her stacked scratching post and looking out the sliding glass doors.

Foxi is also very affectionate and comes seeking attention now, without running away, and even wants to be picked up and held a great deal for long hugs, getting lots of kisses on the top of her head.

Thank you so much for the adoption, we are both very grateful and better off for it happening!

Jodi S