For the Love of Fig and Newton

Hello! We are the proud parents of Newton and Figaro (formerly Sugar Pie and Sugar Baby). They have settled in so well! We are so in love with them! They have their new favourite chair, and Fig loves his kicker toy, while Newt is more fond of his green rattle ball.

Dry food is their favourite, but after some trial and error, we have discovered they joys of beef pate. I suppose a Tuxedos, they’re used to the finer things. Haha. They like their little water fountain, but if Dad leaves his glass of water out, that Tastes better. They have been champions of the litter box and cat tree from day one, but Mum hopes she can clicker train for mental stimulation, and harness train so we can go for leashed walks in the summer.

Our phones consistently tell us there is no more room for cat pictures. My Instagram handle is Happyclams if you want our daily kitty updates. I’m sure I’ve annoyed everyone with how much we love them!!

Thank you so much for taking care of our boys before we could bring them home. We are forever grateful to you, and the Cat cafe for bringing us together!!

Yours sincerely,

Bobbie and Brock, Fig and Newton