Farewell to Kathleen Dobson – Founder and Friend

Beloved Founder of MEOW Foundation and good friend to all, Kathleen Dobson passed away on December 1, 2011. Prior to the creation of MEOW Foundation, Kathleen volunteered with other animal welfare groups. As is so common to volunteer service, she performed many roles throughout the years from foster supply coordinator, foster mom, adopter, display and event volunteer, casinos, coin rolling, banking, accounting, SNAP administrator, feline behavioural counsellor, lost and found cat advisor, but most cherished of all, Kathleen was one of our ten original Founders.

Due to the many differing roles Kathleen may have played in any one day, our favourite question and inside joke was ‘Which hat are you wearing today?’ Although she wore many hats, her very fave two hats were accounting and SNAP – subsidized spay and neuter program for low income Calgarians. Helping low income Calgarians to spay or neuter their cats and deepen their loving relationship with their pets meant the world to her. Kathleen will be deeply missed by all.