Yoru and Aries

Extra, Extra! An Update from Yoru!

This is Yoru, (MEOW name Extra) writing you from Calgary. I have been busy since August 2010 when I was adopted. Where to start? I guess I will mention my first car ride to my new home. That was scary! I still don’t like car rides, especially crammed in the carrier with my big brother Aries, and when I say big I mean BIG! Well, my new mom stopped after getting me a new collar which I haven’t destroyed yet, it is black with skulls on it. It fits me well I think!

When I got to my new home it was pretty scary, but I met my big brother and he showed me around, it was really cool! My new mom threw me a birthday party in April when I turned 1. She even bought a cake which I wasn’t allowed any. But she says the ice cream cake was delicious, instead I got my own small can of wet cat food, it was delicious even though mom wrinkled her nose at it.

Shortly after my first birthday I did a big move to a big new house! There was another cat, she is really weird sometimes, but she is a good wrestling buddy. My big brother just pins me down and starts licking me… that is never what I want to do. I spend most of my day demanding my breakfast and supper when my mom wakes up and comes home from work, I also like to sleep on top of her clothes hamper, or take over her whole bed. She seems to always complain… I don’t get that, Aries just gets to sleep on her pillows.

My favourite toys are ones that squeak all the time when they get hit or thrown, and if they have feathers, all the better! I once helped my mom with a photo shoot, after stealing the bag of feathers from her friend. It was great to help out! I’m a pretty brave boy too! I never run in fear of anything, though mom can be pretty scary when I’m on the table or scratching the furniture, but I know she still loves me! Aries never seems to get in trouble though, all he does is sleep…

YoruNothing really new here other than me being mischievous and such. Mom still hasn’t given me a middle name like my big brother Aries. When he is really in trouble she calls out “Aries Scrap V.!” With me she just says “Yoru! SPARTA!!!” Then she laughs, I don’t get the Sparta, but I do stop what I’m doing when she does that. Once she called me Lucifer but most of the time she calls me her “little Japanese kitty”. Apparently Japanese people don’t have middle names so I am just Yoru V. with the occasional “Sparta” thrown in.

Oh, my mom still keeps in contact with my foster parents. We even did a small celebration when my brother and sisters got adopted and a big one for my mom! Well, it is getting late and I have to get up early to bother mom for food. I hope all the workers who helped me get my new home are doing well, and I would have sent treats to all the other cats, but I ate them all.

Love from,

Yoru “Sparta” V.