Expect No Less From a House Panther

It’s been just over six weeks since we welcomed Mr. Romeo (now Fezzik von Schmooples) into our family. As you can see from the pictures, he’s had a hard adjustment into our home. From lazy days sleeping in the sun, mornings and evenings racing around the house playing with his new sister, Rogue, along with attacking his collection of favourite (and frequently hunted to death) toys, to his continual demands to leap into our arms for snuggles, we’re fairly certain that he’s just putting on an adorably brave face to hide his misery.

We’re incredibly happy having Fezzik in our family.  He’s a right little brat who is always thinking and scheming, teaching his sister all of his bad habits, fully committed to his selective hearing (the word ‘no’ is a particularity difficult word for his delicate ears to comprehend), and delights in hunting my plants to extinction. We would expect no less from a house panther of his calibre and are very proud of his ability to slay the nasty little toys that have infested our home. 

In all seriousness, we are incredibly thankful that our daughters walked into your Cat Cafe and found our dear boy.  For all of his unique and inquisitive personality traits that constantly keep us on our toes, he is a sweet, loving, incredibly smart, affectionate, and playful kitty who brings excitement, love, and laughter with him every moment of the day. We have never known a cat with almost dog like qualities like his. We wake every morning to at least one toy being deposited on our bed and an expectant sparkle in his eyes to begin play fetch. He is patient and playful with our other kitten, who is elvhen in size compared to him, and he is a sweet, gentle giant.  

Although we came up with it before we brought him home, I feel like we named him well. Fezzik was the gentle giant of the movie “The Princess Bride”, played by Andre the Giant, and Fezzik seems to embody the feel of his character simply because he is such a sweetheart. 

 Thank you for helping fill our family. We didn’t know how much we were missing his presence until he became part of our lives.

 All our best,

Melanie, Ian, Rhiannon, Aiden, Rogue, and Fezzik