Egor and Sylvester Made Our Family Complete

Back in November I had decided to adopt a cat. Looking through the website, I found a cat I instantly fell in love with. His name was Eoin, a very, very shy cat. But it was Love at first sight and I needed him. When I went to meet him, another cat caught my attention, Mr. Sylvester. I thought I’d give a little update on how they are doing in our family.

Eoin is now called Egor (pictured top right). We were going to keep his name but my son decided Egor was more like him ( because he was “cranky” but good). At first, Egor would only come to me. He let me pet him and even purred. I was shocked! He spent most of his first month upstairs hidden under my bed, until everyone went to bed, then he would venture downstairs and cuddle with me.

One day, he just didn’t go back upstairs. He spent a lot of time in the kitchen on a black chair that wasn’t used often. He slowly started coming around to our youngest little girl (who was only 8 months at the time). He would lay with her and she was allowed to pet him, and cuddle him. It wasn’t long before the kids could pet him and he now wanders all over the house. He is still shy, and you can’t go up to him quickly…and petting him is on his terms, but he is doing so well. He does not like my husband though and refuses to let him near him (biting and scratching), but I believe his reasons are valid. My husband was the one to try and get him out of his kennel and I think that frightened him quite a bit. But I think in time he will come around. I got him for me, but truly believe he is my daughter’s cat; they will grow up as best friends.

SylvesterAs for Sylvester (at left), we kept his name though he often gets called Sly Man. He has adjusted wonderfully and the kids love him. He is an amazing cat that has really brought a love like no other! He loves to play and read – yes, you read that right – the cat loves to read, or be read to! He gets quite upset if we miss the bedtime story and is always sitting on my lap during it. He loves his snuggles and is an instant purrer. He also loves to eat and we had to cut down on his food (vet recommendation) as he was eating until he got sick and then eating more.

Sylvester is a very well behaved cat and I couldn’t be more thankful for him coming into our lives. He has been a rock for my son who has developmental disabilities. It’s truly amazing to watch my son melt down to have a cat literally come to his rescue. When he is having a moment, Sly always finds him, lays beside him and within minutes my son is calm. I would like to say we gave Sylvester a better chance at life, but i think that’s wrong. He gave my son his best chance of succeeding.

Together, they make a great pair. Egor is very loving and loves to snuggle Sylvester, though sometimes Sly doesn’t like it and a fight starts…but they make up quickly!

Thank you for allowing us to bring two amazing lives into our family! They have made our family complete!