Costello a Perfect Fit for Family

I am a cat lover. Growing up in small town BC on an orchard we always had cats. When I moved out on my own I missed having pets, but I knew it was a big responsibility to have an animal. I always knew that I would have a cat once I was ready.

When I moved to Calgary, I never dreamed I would end up making it my home. I planned to stay for a year…it is now almost nine! I moved in with my boyfriend Jamie and his Basset Hound Kingsley after a couple years of living in Calgary. I took on the responsibility of being a pet owner when I did. I realized that owning a dog in the city was worlds away from owning one in the country. I again starting to think about getting a cat.

After a few years, and some time convincing my boyfriend Jamie, we decided it was time that we were ready for another four-legged companion. We knew that we wanted to adopt. It was Jamie’s idea that we adopt from MEOW. I looked at the website and got googly-eyed at all of the beautiful cats that were in the cat-a-logue. I filled out the application, and a few days later we heard from an adoption coordinator. She gave me some names of some cats that she thought would fit what we were looking for and we set a date to meet at the adoption centre.

I remember looking at the cats she suggested on the website and there definitely was one that stood out. The day had come. We went to the adoption centre and looked at the cats. We met some wonderful felines. We finally met Costello. He waddled out confidently and I remember the coordinator saying, “He just finished his dinner” (classic!). He strutted over to us and just flopped down. Jamie and I knelt down and pet him. He was so calm and content. He was making it very easy for us to make our decision.

As soon as we got in the car, Jamie said to me, “We are getting the orange cat or we aren’t getting one at all.” I told our coordinator we were very interested in adopting Costello but we needed a few days to think it over. The descion was made and within the week Costello was living with us. With a little work and some time Costello and our Basset Kingsley were good friends. We were so happy that they were getting along. Costello was now a permanent member of our family.

Over the years, we have seen his quirks. His most famous is when he chases his tail. I always say that it must have been his entertainment while he was living on the streets. Whenever we have friends over he is always at the door to greet them and always makes them feel welcome by rubbing his big cheeks all over their legs or making himself comfortable on their lap. We love him so much, even when he climbs on the counter and eats our steak that is defrosting for dinner.

We would like to thank the MEOW Foundation for all that they do for homeless cats in Calgary. We would also like to thank them for bringing Costello into our lives. We are forever grateful.

Ashley Bauer and Jamie Kenney (and our dearly departed Kingsley)