Chloe Turns Three

A little over two and a half years ago, I adopted a little kitten called Rambler from the MEOW Foundation. I was just looking through your Catalogue and noticed the Adopted page. I flicked through and I was delighted and shocked to see my kitten in all her glory still on the website.

She’s just turned 3 years old on April 1st, and I had to wonder if you’d like an update on her. In her forever home she is now called Chloe. She is a delight, and I’ve never seen a cat so imprinted on a person before. I am her everything, and we love each other very much. Chloe is very talkative, always up to mischief, and extremely affectionate. Although she can be quite bold and adventurous, her greatest fears in life are the floor mop and children (we’re not sure why children). Thank you for rescuing Chloe’s mum (Lexi) off the streets and fostering her litter. Thank you for my Chloe.