Cordelia, Celia and Hamlet

Celia the Shy Cat

The year is coming to an end and I thought of giving you and the MEOW Foundation a short report about our Black devil. Celia (MEOW name Felisha) seems to be fully grown now and has filled in very nicely. Where there was a hole for some time there is now the beginning of a belly. But she is smart enough not to overeat as she did in the beginning. Still when the cats are called into the kitchen for their meals she is the first one there. In front of her bowl is one of the few occasions when she doesn’t bolt into a corner or behind furniture.

Yes, she is shy, shy, shy. Getting touched is strictly on her terms, but, typically cat, after lights out she comes on the bed and sleeps there all night. When the door bell rings Celia is gone to the basement, even if a door bell rings on the tube. If there is a visitor she is gone until half an hour after the visitor left. When we were away for a week our son looked after the cats he never saw her, even searching the whole house was futile.

As to getting along with the other two? Just fine! She was accepted right away and she accepted them, actually “sucking up” to them. A favourite place for all three is on the coffee table with Celia squeezed right in-between. But try to stroke or grab her. No such luck, or rather seldom so. But we are sure that her behaviour pattern will change, it does very slowly already. BTW Celia has the most remarkable tail we have ever seen on a cat. Almost the length of her body and bushy is not the word for it. In compensation, her legs are short .

So far the Celia report. We hope that you have had a very pleasant Christmas and we wish you an prosperous and very Happy New Year.

All the best from Herman and Gisela

Cordelia, Celia and Hamlet