Updates from Adopted Cats


Kabeer and Kiki

The boys are happy and bossy. This is apparently the exact plan that they had from the beginning…

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Give an Older Cat a Chance

Becker and Mardi (our puppy) are typical brothers, they like to tease each other, chase each other and just hang out.

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A Forever Friend

Neville has helped Miss Moo lose the last 5 pounds the vet wanted by both getting her to exercise more and being a wee bit of a glutton at feeding time.

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Loki Update

Loki is an affectionate, loving companion who likes to talk and cuddle…

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Cordelia, Celia and Hamlet

Celia the Shy Cat

Celia (MEOW name Felisha) seems to be fully grown now and has filled in very nicely…

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Festus the Reindeer

I thought you might like to see Festus’ first Christmas photo. Santa wasn’t available, so one of the reindeer stepped in.

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