In Memory

Purdy and Kittens

In Memory of Purdy

Purdy was an amazing surrogate mom to so many MEOW kitties that have passed through our home. She even put up with kittens trying to nurse off her. Even right at the end, she let

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In Memory of Jefferson

A Coonscross Jefferson came to us Just a little ball of reddish fluff. Great aspirations for a big Maine Coon Never did we anticipate Such a big cat would loom. He ruled the roost Not

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In Memory of Tigger

Tigger was yet another one of those disposable pets who was passed on from one person to another until my Mum took him into her care and saved his life. Tigger was a wonderful companion

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In Memory of Maryann

My heart is full of sorrow in the passing of my Sweet Angel Girl Maryann. She had been struggling for the past few months and everything we tried just didn’t make her better and she let me

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In Memory of Max

Well what can you say about Max? What a little rascal he was. If he wasn’t outside on one of his great hunting trips around the neighbourhood, he was just returning and having a snack,

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In Memory of Patches

You were a gentle soul and made a huge imprint on our hearts. We are truly better for having loved you…you taught us what love really is and brought us much joy. It’s in the

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In Memory of Bernard

Bernard came to us close to seven years ago, and we loved him dearly. He was a wonderful friend, very polite and well mannered. He was a buddy (and sometimes a bully) to our other

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