Cashew and Peanut

Cashew and Peanut Love to Cuddle

I just wanted to update you on how Cashew and Peanut (MEOW name Kibbles) are doing. I’m so glad that I adopted both of them; they are so much fun together. I am absolutely in love with my boys!!! I can’t even imagine having any other two cats.

cashew-and-peanut-2Cashew is a little cuddler. I can’t lay on the couch or get on the computer without him sitting on my lap. Peanut is my “stealth” cuddler. He wants to curl around my head on my pillow only while I sleep. Cashew is extremely vocal and lets me know where he is at all times. Peanut only talks to me when I talk to him. They both love their toy mice, flipping them in the air and then leaping after them … it can amuse them and me for hours!

Thank you MEOW for the new loves of my life!


Jill, Cashew and Peanut