Cardamom Enjoying Life Indoors

Cardamom is doing remarkably well for such a feral cat. It will probably still take some time before she’ll accept pets from Zack and I (if ever), but she seems to otherwise be quite enjoying the indoor life. She has her favourite selection of comfy beds, loves the regular meal times (beats me to the kitchen every morning for breakfast) and can join in the shenanigans of her feline housemates whenever she feels like it (or just look down on them from one of the cat trees when they get too rambunctious). There’s nothing better than watching her roll around in the warmth of a sunny spot, not a care in the world. What a long way she’s come since living on the streets!

Here’s a pic of her hanging out with siblings Umiak and Peppercorn:

Cardamom, Umi and Peppy