Bill’s Birthday Milestones

Thank you MEOW Foundation for introducing me to the rewards of fostering cats and kittens – they have brought much joy into my life.

This week, we celebrated the first birthday of my very first foster kitty, Bill – a very special little cat who captured my heart and made his forever home with me. Bill has cerebellar hypoplasia, a congenital condition which affects his balance and coordination but which leaves him otherwise in great health and full of life, energy and steely determination. Although he’ll always be wobbly, as he has grown and matured he’s learned to compensate and gain skills. This week he celebrated his first birthday and delighted us all by suddenly managing to jump up onto the bed without using his pet stairs and also to come downstairs safely, without trying to (unsuccessfully) imitate a flying squirrel. He’s been able to go upstairs just fine for ages, but descending used to be problematic.

Since adopting Bill, we’ve had the privilege of providing safe haven for several other MEOW cats and kittens on their way to their forever homes, but Bill will always be special. He’s such a sweet-natured guy and is now paying the love forward by helping to babysit our current litter of foster kittens, whom he loves to groom and cuddle with. Bill is a wonderful companion and sleeps snuggled next to me every night – I’m so proud of his determination and his kind heart.

Fostering is such an incredibly rewarding experience – I highly recommend it to any cat lover with room in their homes and hearts.