Bella’s Come Out of Her Shy Shell

I thought I would update you on Bella (MEOW name Cara) … She is doing great and is as lovable and happy as ever. She and her older sister, Crema, have created such a wonderful bond and are always together – whether sleeping, eating, or playing one of Bella’s favorite games. (She “hides” on the top of the couch and jumps on Crema from above, landing with all four legs straddling Crema! Bella thinks this is the world’s best activity; Crema, on the other hand, just keeps walking, pretending that there is not another cat on top of her … and then all of a sudden starts to run at full throttle trying to shake Bella off … Crema then gets away and the two of them tear around the house at full speed … this goes on for an hour or more sometimes and is highly entertaining!)

Diva is an understatement when it comes to describing Bella!! Bella runs the joint – she has Chris, me and our roommate wrapped around her finger (or paw, I guess!) – always getting pets and having someone to play with. I have never met a more affectionate and loving cat. … In regards to shyness, it is worth noting that upon first seeing someone new, she is a bit timid, but in about 1 minute of sniffing them she is purring and loving them like an old friend! She has completely come out of her shy-shell. Bella is an amazing little girl that I am so happy to have had the privilege of adopting!

Thanks again for everything, you guys do such a great job!