Beautiful Gracie May

Well it’s now been official for some time – Grace (MEOW name Mynx) is ours, or rather we are hers! Earlier in 2006, we lost two of our special friends, OJ and Ziggy to old age (22 and 21 yrs) and it was a really hard adjustment for us, especially for our youngest cat Cribber. Cribber would cry each day, be very clingy and throw up more often than not. He was grieving along with Brian and I.

We knew that we would like to adopt another cat and then came a little bundle of shyness – Grace. Being the shyest of litter, as we were told, Grace was really freaked out the first day at our home. She hid under the covers and shook and trembled each time we came near. Then by the second night something changed – we let her out and she met Cribber, and let me tell you our house has not been the same since.

We have since seen a beautiful change in our Cribber, who is in love, like us, with beautiful Gracie May (a nickname we call her, also Gracie Mew). Just last night Cribber washed Grace from head to toe. She has taken our hearts, gladly by us, and changed our lives. Having a shy cat has been the best thing to ever happen to our family. She is precocious, cute, loves paper, and has given Brian and I many laughing sessions. Cribber is swept up as well and loves plays ‘Indy 500’ with Grace around the house.

Thank you to MEOW Foundation for matching us up with Grace. We wouldn’t want any other cat, she is our little girly mew. Enjoy the pictures of Cribber and Grace.

Yours truly,

Brian and Tammy