Charlie and Bonnie

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I adopted Essence in March of 2009. There was something about her picture on your website that made me want to see her. I’ve always had a fondness for calicos. She tolerated being patted at the shelter but then moved away. I just knew I had to take this shy baby home. I named her Chloe.

ChloeShe didn’t care for the hospitality – once she was free of the safe room, she hid in a hole behind a kitchen cabinet that I didn’t even know I had. I didn’t see her for 48 hours, until she emerged wide-eyed from behind a bookcase. Once she finally accepted that I wasn’t an ax murderer and that she was in a safe home, she reverted to kittenhood. Chloe ran about the apartment and slimmed down quickly from all of the activity. She annoyed my other cat, Bonnie, who had forgotten what a pest she was as a kitten too. Chloe still wouldn’t let me touch her – until I started giving her treats. If I got to touch her, I would give her a treat. Soon, she was meowing at my feet and rubbing her head against my hands. She still can be skittish, there will always be something feral about her, but Chloe also likes the occasional cuddle, and she still gives me affection in return for treats.

Thank you for saving this kitty so that she could eventually fill a very special place in my home!

I adopted Miguel in September of 2010 – I lost a cat to illness quite suddenly, and MEOW alum Essence/Chloe kept pining for her friend. She was described on your website as a cat who needed another cat around, and you were right!

Everyone at the adopt-a-thon told me that I was getting an awesome cat, and you were very correct. Miguel shook things up for sure. He quickly became Charlie, and he settled right in. I feel that he had to have been in a home before, he just very quickly made himself at home. He’s the alpha cat and a thwarted escape artist. He’s our jokester and best of all, he became an awesome big brother when I brought home a kitten last year (not MEOW, sorry!).

Angela B.