Baby Rickie and Laptop Lucy

Dear MEOW,

Just wanted to pass on how these two babies are doing. They are both now 1 year old and have been with us for almost 5 1/2 months now. Lucy responded to Rickie’s meows, but she no longer does this. She has not changed with her personality, but she has grown up into a wonderful little girl. Her favourite place to lie is right in front of your laptop so all you can do is pet her. Rickie has made so much progress. No one would even recognize him with the personality that he has. His most favorite thing to do is cuddle. He will sleep in your arms on his back just like a baby…….we call him baby Rickie! He loves to give kisses! I remember as a child my parents would tell me not to maul the pets…… Well how do you tell a cat not to maul the human. This is how much Rickie loves his human family!

We love these two so much and are so glad we made the decision to give them a chance. Patience and love is all it takes!