Marble at his new home

April and Marble: True Friends

I thought I would give you an update of our beautiful girl April and our snuggly boy Marble. April has amazed us from the first day we brought her home. As I opened the latch to her carrier and she pushed the door open to get her pets and hugs, and started to check out April and Marbleher new home immediately. She came across Gus, our dog, she wasn’t sure about him at first but it did not take her long to find out that he was OK and she greets him every morning with nose taps. She has been the perfect match for our family.

We then decided to get her a friend to keep her company and to play with, so we adopted Marble. He also came into our home the same way, such a wonderful little boy and such a little cuddler. On only the second day of him being in his new home, April and Marble have already become very close. I think this is the start to a wonderful friendship.

Thank-you MEOW Foundation for matching us up with the kitties that are truly meant for our family.

Wayne, Tammy, Ryan and Kaylie