Angelica Is One Smart Kitty!

We are absolutely thrilled with Angelica. Even when we first met her, she was very friendly and affectionate. 

Here is an update from when we first got her:

Angelica has adjusted to our home really well. She is truly a sweet, loving cat. She greets us with a little trill and seems to understand every word we say. She’s hasn’t discovered our laps yet but that’s okay. Maybe she will, maybe she won’t. Although we kept her in a separate room initially, she meowed at the door to get out so we left the door open. We intend to let her warm up to us on her own terms. After all she is a cat.

Here is a more recent update:

We continue to be very happy with Angelica. She does sweet endearing things like tap me on the shoulder and look up at me lovingly. She even has her own word for food, nya-nya. We had friends babysit her once and she said that word. She not only found our laps but our chests as well. She will plunk herself down on my chest right when I’m about to get up to do something. Sometimes I can’t bear to get up because I’ll disturb her. She now dives into my chest in a plop fashion. I absolutely love it. We picked the right cat. In the near future we want to get her a companion so she’s not alone during the day.

The Heath family