Walter and Moustachio

An Update on Walter & Moustachio

Just wanted to give you an update on Walter & Moustachio. The boys are best of friends and do almost everything together. Both are healthy and happy and loving their home. As you can see, Walter is comfortable everywhere, including the sink. The boys enjoy squirrel and bird watching from the kitchen table, and sleep together and groom each other regularly.

Walter in the SinkWalter (MEOW name Lyall) has the funniest meow when he does talk, it really sounds like a child’s cry. And, he usually cries a little when we go to bed or at certain times of the day, but usually he is just needing some extra attention, he’s a real love buggy…very socialized now.

Walter (white) and Moustachio (B&W) watch the fish!
Walter (white) and Moustachio (B&W) watch the fish!

Stashy (MEOW name Terrell) is very quiet, but is happy to accept lots of petting and affection and of course treats. More and more, Stashy is actually coming up to us on his own to show affection. Especially right before or after a meal. Stashy has been working on his submissive behavior as modeled by Walter too, and occasionally will flop down onto his side showing how happy & submissive he is trying to be. He has a funny way of “tapping you out” when he’s had enough attention, and will swat you with no nails once he is done with a petting session. If you don’t heed the first or second playful tap, then the claws will come out a bit.

We are really super happy with them and they have both made enormous progress in being social and less shy. They are just the cutest boys as I think you’ll see by the pictures.

Cheers & thanks so much,