An Update on Blink

My husband Derek and I adopted Blink in 2010.  Blink was her MEOW name and it suited her to a tee so we have never considered changing it.  Little Miss Blink was an FP3 kitty and practically lived under the bed for the first two months she was with us.  She slowly came around and has over the years fallen head over heels for my husband.  She is good with me but with him it is almost embarrassing how much she adores him.  He has managed to now get her to sit on his lap on a pillow and regularly enjoys her tummy rubs from him as well.

Blink enjoying a tummy rub.
Blink enjoying a tummy rub.

When we met her at the Adoption Centre we felt she chose us because she seemed to be following us from room to room.  We are so happy she chose us and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch her blossom and become such a social cat.  Her companion Finnegan (MEOW name Panda Bear) was instrumental in bringing her out of her shell, I think.  He is such an attention seeker and arrived very affectionate and comfortable around people.  It is as if she saw how much he enjoyed it that she realized we weren’t so bad and maybe she would give it a try and trust us.

In the past year she has also become confident enough to start using her voice.  Finnegan chatters to us all the time and all of a sudden there was this tiny little meow chiming in as well.  It definitely shows us she is comfortable and confident if she feels free to vocalize now as well.

Thank you MEOW for helping us to find this beautiful little girl and of course Finnegan too.  After having to say goodbye to both of our senior cats within the same year we weren’t sure we could ever fill the space they left behind but these two have brought us so much joy.  While you can never replace a previous cat it is always nice to find that your heart really does have room for more.

Must sign off as Finnegan has just come to settle on my desk and remind me it’s more important to cuddle with him than to send a silly old email.  I have attached a couple of pictures so you can see our pair at their finest.

Yours in love and support,

Rebecca and Derek C.