Miles Webber

  • Male, 0.6 years old
  • Short hair
  • Grey with White
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Will thrive in any home, active and noisy to quiet

*Kitten Mr. Webber may have started out small but he’s made up for it is a big way. If we can’t find him he’s sure to be hiding away in a kitty cave either sleeping or waiting for the right moment to attack any feet that go by. More than happy to chase any toy, sibling or bigger kitties, where adventure awaits Miles is there. Never sure about small children or loud situations, he’s always good for a cuddle, short ones so he can get back to what’s important, playing. *I am in a foster home Litter: Amaretto Cheesecake, Blanch Devereaux, Dr. Harry Weston, and Stanley Zbornak

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