• Female, 0.9 years old
  • Medium hair
  • Grey
  • Needs a cat companion to feel happy and secure
  • Requires a calm, mature home

Bonded pair: adopt with Jac *Kitten These two bonded sisters came into care just in time to get out of the bitter cold and to make it into a warm foster home for Christmas! They are slowly coming out of their shells, but still very shy, Frostie especially, who shadows her sister everywhere. And I mean everywhere, from water dish, to food to litter box! But once picked up, they love those snuggles and chin rubs and will drowned out most noises with their huge purr machines. Jac may eventually be ok oh her own, but Frostie really needs the support of her big sis so they have their paws crossed that they get to stay together. A quieter house with someone who will be patient while they continue coming out of their shell would be purr-fect. Frostie is a tiny wee thing who once you start cannot get enough snuggles she will squirm around to make sure you are patting ALL of her! If one is being held and petted the other is giving you the me-too eye! So hope you have a big lap. They have met the resident cats in their foster home. Actually came running to the door to meet the friendliest of the 3 and almost scared her with their exuberance! Havent been exposed to dogs or small hoomans yet but are quite gentle little girls and am sure they would adapt quickly with time and patience. Laser pointer is the bestest of toys but somehow they cant quite catch that little red dot. How about giving these sweet sisters the loving home they need and deserve! *I am in a foster home Litter: Jac

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