• Male, 3.7 years old
  • Long hair
  • Grey Tabby
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Requires a calm, mature home

SHY LEVEL 2 - Name Your Own Adoption Fee Announcing Caliber. Calliber made a road trip from southern Alberta to MEOW in search of medical care he so desperately needed. Poor Caliber had an open wound on his back which required specialized wound care at one of our wonderful veterinary partners. He is a shyer boy who likes to observe the world in a quiet, thoughtful way, but he also secretly loves to play with feather toys as long as you introduce yourself first. Due to Caliber's long time on the streets and probably from a past territorial skirmish, he has contracted FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Please do not be afraid of adopting Caliber. Cats with FIV can live long uneventful lives wtih normal attentive care. Who can resist such a handsome boy! Apply today.

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