Dark Knight

  • Male, 1 year old
  • Medium hair
  • Black
  • Needs a cat companion to feel happy and secure
  • Requires a calm, mature home

*Tween Darknight came to MEOW already several months old and is very shy but making some progress. He is still most comfortable in his starter room but has started exploring outside his room at night. At this point he doesn't participate much in any play time sessions but likes to watch the other cats and kittens playing to see how it's all done! He has just recently felt comfortable enough to purr! He will need time in his new home to get comfortable with his surroundings. Due to his timidness he needs a calm mature home with no young kids and will need a cat companion to be buddies with in his new home! *I am in a foster home Litter: L'il Buddee and Ladybird

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