• Male, 1 year old
  • Short hair
  • Grey Tabby
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Will thrive in any home, active and noisy to quiet

*Kitten Meet Weevil!As a gray tabby in a family of fluffy white and gray cats, Weevil sometimes seems to be the odd man out, but he hopes to be the perfect fit for you. He is a friendly, affectionate kitten who enjoys playing and observing what is happening around him. He likes to cuddle with people and is very relaxed when being held and is even patient enough to allow his sharp kitten nails to be trimmed. Weevil loves chasing jingle balls around the room and might even carry them to you to get you to play. He will make a great addition to your family. *Litter: Fire Fly, Grasshopper, Mantis, Queen Bee (mother) *I am in a foster home

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