• Female, 11.3 years old
  • Medium hair
  • Grey
  • Must be the only cat in a home
  • Will thrive in any home, active and noisy to quiet

Meet Doris! Doris is a very special kitty because unlike most cats, she readily offers her affection to everyone who meets her. Whether youre familiar to her or a stranger shell come to you with her distinct chatter and nuzzle you with her face. She loves to be rubbed behind her ears and under her chin. She especially likes to roll over and have her belly rubbed, showing how much she trusts you and, with that, you fall in love with her.
Doris loves to cuddle and purr and extend her paw out to you as she curls up beside you or on your lap, looking at you with loving eyes. And yet, this gentle 8-year-old cat turns into a playful kitten when a
toy mouse darts across the floor or a shiny crinkle ball rolls under a bed. She moves with impressive speed and has no problem leaping in an effort to catch her elusive prey. And, after playtime, just like a kitten, shes ready for a cuddle and a nap. But dont worry, she knows her limitations. She doesnt try and jump any higher than how far she can comfortably jump down so she wont be wandering on counters.Doris is extrememly reactive to other kittes so she will need to be the only cat in your home.
If youre looking for a loving companion who has a spark of fun then Doris is all that, and more.
* I am in a foster home

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