• Female, 5.4 years old
  • Short hair
  • Brown Tabby with White
  • Needs a cat companion to feel happy and secure
  • Requires a quiet adult home with cat experience

Name Your Own Adoption Fee - Shy Cat Level 1 Lilliana was rescued as a rural stray and has found the transition to indoor cat stressful but is making progress every day. She is very good at picking up appropriate behaviors from other cats in the home and needs a feline sibling who is patient and loving as she is a big cuddler! Lilianna enjoys her toys and can frequently be found selecting a new toy to deconstruct from the kitty toy box. While Lilliana is still skittish, she loves pets and is working on becoming a lap cat with humans who have earned her trust. She does not love to be picked up at this time. Due to her nature, she is best suited for a calm, mature home where she can blossom at her pace. Come meet Lilliana. *I am in a foster home

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