• Male, 1.2 years old
  • Short hair
  • Silver Bengal type
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Will thrive in an active home with cat experience

My name is Oni and I came to MEOW after a kind person noticed I seemed to be lost and homeless. I am somewhat unique because it is quite likely that my ancestry leans heavily into the bengal family.

I am timid and still very uncertain in the company of humans. I will come close to you because I love, love love food, but no touching please, at least not yet.

I know I am beautiful, but I will have many potential distinct character traits that adopters should consider:
My new person should be home the majority of each day.
Experience with oriental breeds or even better, bengals, is an asset.
I will be incredibly active and rambunctious, even into my senior years.
My breed can be very vocal…..that means I could talk a lot.
I need a lot of vertical space - the higher the better - some tall cats posts with window views.
I will also need room to race and run, so a home with lots of space is necessary.
I am very intelligent and require dedicated interaction each day. Wand toys, pet puzzles and clicker training to engage my superior intelligence and curiosity are a few things I will enjoy.

So after careful consideration of my needs and home requirements, if you think you could be my special person, please apply today: Attention Oni.

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