• Female, 0.6 years old
  • Medium hair
  • Siamese Cross
  • Needs a cat companion to feel happy and secure
  • Requires a calm, mature home


Millie is beautiful with her white, silky fur and very unique markings, including her ‘calico-like’ paws and dark tail. She is a little ‘slow to warm’ but, once coaxed, she enjoys her human snuggles, often nestling into your shoulder or neck. Like her brother, Max, Millie has come a long way but can startle at loud noises and may take time to warm up to new people. She needs a little help in making her feel secure and comfortable but, once she does, she will show you her amazing skills in chasing feathers on the ‘magic wand’, hunting her play mice toys, and boldly chasing kitten toys. She has a close bond with her brother, Max, but will also be okay with other cats or dogs in a patient, quiet, and gentle home. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with Miss Millie!

Litter: Max, Molly

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