• Female, 7.9 years old
  • Short hair
  • White with Grey
  • Must be the only cat in a home
  • Requires a calm, mature home

Name Your Adoption Fee - Senior Cat

Little Miss Sahara is a young senior with a great future ahead of her. How she became homeless is a mystery, but fortunately a kind rescuer took her in before one of Calgary's cold snaps.

During her medical checkup, it was discovered that Sahara has a condition called hyperthyroidism. This is a reasonably common condition in senior cats and it is easily treated with an oral medication. The medication is not costly and Sahara takes her medication like a champ. If you have any questions about Sahara’s care, our team would be happy to chat with you.

Safe and warm, she is hanging out at MEOW and keeping an eye out for her new person. She loves a good visit and a little bit of catnip is always appreciated.


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