A True Love Story

Monday, March 26, 2007, was the BEST day of my life because that was the day I phoned MEOW Foundation, in Calgary, at 8:30 am, to finalize and sign the adoption papers and, Thursday, March 3, 2016, was the WORST day of my life because my Beloved Maryn passed peacefully by my side, at home, at 8:38 am, at the age of 19-years.

Everyone wants Kittens or Puppies but what is overlooked is that those Kittens or Puppies are cute tiny balls-of-spasm for only a few months. By 4-months they take on their full adult-form for the rest of their lives, so why overlook Adults and Seniors when adopting?

Seniors have so much to give. Their maturity, their life lessons, their love of routine, their quieter nature, and nap lap companionship, to name a few. We are conditioned to think of “senior” as old, unwanted, sick, not-much-longer-to-live, but Maryn proved that age has nothing to do with it, because she gave me 9 incredible, wonderful, joy-filled years, even at that advanced age! Love was the secret for the longevity.

Ya-see, I always wanted the ones-no-one-else-wanted and senior fur people are the most over-looked Devine Creatures of God. Personalities have formed, maturity gives wisdom, and the bond that happens is pure Love! Yes; sometimes manners have to be taught and trust needs to be learned, but the rewards are worth it. To be honoured to experience that is life-changing. Love was the defining moment that changed our lives forever!

When I decided it was time to adopt I went to the MEOW Foundation website on Friday, March 23, 2007, and started scanning the profiles only; looking first for ages 7-years and up. I saw “11-years old, female”; then glanced to the other side of the web page and saw that face! I knew in that instant. I phoned immediately!

All the Staff and Volunteers at MEOW were elated that I wanted to meet Maryn as evidenced by the loud cheering in the background, because I was told most of their seniors live the rest of their lives at MEOW. I made arrangements to meet her the next day on Saturday, March 24th!

Maryn was defined as a grey short hair feline, who arrived at the MEOW Foundation Cattery at the end of January 2007. She looked like a plush “Russian Blue”, but I later found out she was a “Chartreux”, which is the French version of the Russian Blue. She definitely had that mona-lisa smile, woolly character of her grey/blue fur, and definitely had that Siamese howl.

Our meeting was epic! From what I was told the day I met her, Maryn was miserable because she was not used to being amongst other fur people and had I overlooked her, because of her age, she probably would not have lived a long and happy life. MEOW built her own isolated area and I must admit when I lifted her up in that igloo-bed I started to bawl and exclaimed to her that she was coming home with me. That was all it took and that was it!

She was delivered, by Tina, the next day on Sunday March 25, 2007. MEOW Foundation offers a grace period to adjust and get-to-know, but Maryn and I already knew. That is why I phoned first thing on Monday, March 26, 2007, to sign the adoption papers! At that time, I was told it was MEOW Foundation’s fastest adoption ever!

My years with her were precious and getting rid-of-her was never an option, because she saved my life more times than I can remember. I am a diabetic, have had dangerous life-ending diabetic lows in my sleep and Maryn instinctively knew when I was in trouble. She howled, nudged me with her head, and walked all over my head and body until I was awake enough to call for help. Our bond saved my life more than once!

Maryn had one little “kiss spot” on the top of her head between the ears that she nudged in my face constantly to make sure she was acknowledged. And I took advantage of it! She loved to crawl in the narrow of my neck and fall asleep; us two heart-to-heart connected.

My Beloved you are missed. My heart grieves at the loss. You will forever be lovingly referred to as my “Silly Willy”, “Fur Girl”, “Kat Girl”, “Luv Kitty”, “Love-of-my-Life”! Till we meet again…..