Misterssippi Gives Kisses

A Shy Cat Blossoms

I just wanted to write and thank you for believing in my boy and for knowing each and every cat deserves a happy ending and will one day find their forever home. Misterssippi was patient in his wait for just the right home, he was looking for just the right place, and you let him wait until he knew it was right. The staff and volunteers took wonderful care of him all along the way; for which I will always be grateful.

Misterssippi has blossomed in his new space. He is a loving and passionate fellow full of head-butts and face kisses. Like many shy cats, he is still not confident in many ways. He is still working on feeling comfortable outside of his favourite room, and he gets nervous about strangers. With me, however, he is a love bug who can never get enough attention. Pick him up in my arms? Yes please! He loves sitting in my lap, cuddling, purring, licking my face and hands and “holding paws”.

Misterssippi Gets PetsWe’ve had our challenges – a shy cat will always start out a bit more scared than at the shelter – and I expected that, but time and patience really do amazing things. Of course all the face kissing makes it tough to leave the house looking respectable and the “paw holding” while kneading was turning me into a pin-cushion (I’ve clipped his claws now and he’s the only one of my cats who allows me to!).

I’ve adopted three of MEOW’s shy/formerly feral cats now and I’m not sure why it still surprises me so much to see the amazing progress they make with a little love and patience. It never fails to make me feel like the luckiest and most special human on the planet to know these little creatures have decided to love and trust me. Misterssippi reminds me again that, while I love all cats, the shy and scared kitties bring with them some small challenges but massive love and rewards.

Thank you MEOW!