A Patient, Gentle Girl

We adopted Lillian on January 2nd, 2015, so we’ve had her for a little over six months now. It has been so fun getting to know her, and my two little girls (three and  four years old) just adore her. Lillian is patient, gentle, playful and so affectionate with all of us!Lillian and her human sisters.

Thanks so much to everyone at MEOW Foundation for adding some love to our family.


P.S. About the picture at the top of this story…10 days after we brought Lillian home, she jumped up in my arms for a snuggle. After a few pets and scratches, she wrapped her paws around my hand, and held on tight. Every time I tried to get my hand out, she held on more tightly, so I just let her hold on. She napped like that for about an hour. I think she was saying thanks for bringing her home.